Madonna: Bye Bye Botox!

Craig Smith is not only the personal trainer of Madonna, but also a good friend of the pop queen. For celebrities Craig now gave an exclusive interview

CE: Craig. How long have you been training with Madonna?

CS: By now over 5 years and I admire Madonna. I know of no woman of 57 years, who still has such a body.

CE: People say she is very disciplined and ambitious. Is that true?

CS: You could say so. She trains several hours each day and also during a tour. She always tells me that not only her voice is an asset, but also her body. She dances and sings for several hours during a show and seemingly effortlessly. Her condition can be likened to that of a 25-year old. Unbelievable.

CE: Many media outlets write that Madonna suffers from an obsession with youth and her face looks mask-like and disfigured.

CS: I know of these headlines and Madonna reads them as well. It is true that in recent years she has had some corrections done.

CE: Does her face often appear so mask-like because of Botox?

CS: Madonna is a very self-confident artist and has changed her attitude towards Botox, as many other stars have too.

CE: In what way? Has she declared war on Botox?

CS: As for every pop star her voice, her body and her looks are her assets and must be protected. I can tell you that she has found an alternative to Botox, which many other stars already use.

CE: And what kind of alternative is that?

CS: An organic Botox gel. It's called Biotulin and is obtained from paracress.

CE: A purely plant-based anti-wrinkle gel?

CS: Yes, Biotulin is purely plant-based. Biotulin contains spilanthol, a local anesthetic. This is obtained from paracress. It reduces muscle contractions and the facial features relax.

CE: Is Biotulin injected like Botox?

CS: No, it is a transparent gel and is massaged into the skin.

CE: How long has Madonna been using Biotulin?

CS: I can't tell you precisely. She told me about it for the first time a few weeks ago and she is completely thrilled.

CE: Does that mean farewell to Botox?

CS: I think so and I believe it is the right decision. Also in regards to the many negative headlines in recent years about her appearance. An artist should be defined by their art and not by their appearance. And it is well known, how important art is for Madonna.

CE: Thank you for the interview.

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